Launch of Omni Commerce was announced by Omnicom

Launch of Omni Commerce was announced by Omnicom

The first commerce orchestration solution available in the market provides seamless decision-making between brands and commerce- Omnicom

Today, Omnicom announced the release of Omni Commerce, the first connected commerce orchestration solution on the market. The newest vertical application on Omnicom’s open operating system, Omni Commerce, is an ecosystem of tools, technology, data, and partnerships that enables always-on insight, activation, optimization, and attribution across the entire commerce landscape, dissolving the barriers between brand investment and commerce to enable seamless decisioning.

The depth of data categories in Omni Commerce (media performance, operations, content, product inventory, and sales) enable a single, standardized, yet customizable view of the commerce journey across commerce and brand investment, retailers, and online/offline environments. This is made possible by data from Omnicom’s portfolio of retail media network partners, which includes Albertson’s, Amazon, Instacart, Kroger, and Walmart.

Transact, the Omnicom linked commerce consultant, helps organizations accelerate and integrate their e-Commerce strategy to increase omnichannel sales across all channels, on and offline. Omni Commerce is the underlying product that powers Transact. All clients of the Omnicom agency can use the solution.

“The commerce landscape is extremely fragmented – bridging gaps between online and offline data, cross-retailer performance, and brand and retail media has been a longstanding challenge in the industry,” says Frank Kochenash, CEO of Transact. “The first significant step toward a world where we can fill in the gaps and drive outcomes for clients is curating and connecting the right data from the right partners and platforms.”

“Building this capability within Omni, the industry’s only open operating system, allows for a level of customization and scalability that closed systems or off-the-shelf purchased solutions cannot match, and unlocks a new level of actionable insights that will deliver better commerce outcomes for Omnicom clients,” claims Clarissa Season, chief experience officer at Annalect.

U.S. e-commerce sales increased by 8.6% in 2022, accounting for 14.7% of retail sales, and are projected to reach 17.9% by 2025, according to eMarketer.

“As the retail media landscape gets more and more fragmented, we are aware that marketers are looking to collaborate with fewer and larger partners.” Ryan Mayward, Senior Vice President of Retail Media Sales for Walmart Connect, which provides unique audience predictions from the Walmart DSP to Omnicom, noted that “Even then, companies still need to connect the dots to obtain a complete picture of their retail media effect. Tools like Omni Commerce will help to achieve our shared goal of making it simpler for brands to easily and effectively harness the full power of retail media.”


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Source: PRNewswire