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At, Zoovu makes interactive buying assistants possible

At, Zoovu makes interactive buying assistants possible

Digital buying assistants from Zoovu are used on to simplify and personalize options for more ease and quicker online sales.

Zoovu‘s cutting-edge AI discovery and e-commerce experience platform is being used by, the German marketplace of eBay, a leading global commerce company that links millions of buyers and sellers, to address a common issue for online purchasers.

Customers are sometimes faced with hundreds or even thousands of possibilities when conducting product searches. Online buyers frequently experience overwhelm and uncertainty when selecting the ideal product because they lack in-depth product expertise or a personal salesperson to help them restrict the selection. This may result in bad choices and decreased customer satisfaction, which may then cause shopping carts to be abandoned and ultimately lower sales. and Zoovu have teamed up to address this e-commerce issue. By offering customers individualized recommendations and tailored product assistance, Zoovu’s AI-powered discovery engine aids online shoppers in finding the ideal item. The goal of this creative solution is to enhance the shopping experience for customers and boost conversion rates.

“We aim to provide a unique and personalized shopping experience for our customers by leveraging the Zoovu platform for product discovery and e-commerce experiences,” stated Tina Endres, Category Management Consumer Electronics at “Our aim is to facilitate client decision-making by making product research easier. We assist them in finding the ideal item and facilitate a satisfying shopping experience by providing pertinent product recommendations and individualized guidance.”

Customers of may now take advantage of a personalized online shopping experience that displays and recommends products according to their needs whether purchasing computers, televisions, or smartphones. This removes the need for in-depth product research, enabling buyers to make knowledgeable purchases swiftly and with ease.

Zoovu enables businesses, like, to swiftly and effectively adopt digital assistants

Semantic data enrichment is one of the major components of the Zoovu platform, saving businesses like considerable time and resources that would otherwise be used for routine human enrichment of product data. With the help of this functionality, can swiftly standardize, organize, and supplement product information from various sellers with customer-specific context. Through its automated shopping assistants, is able to consistently and accurately recommend products to customers while also precisely reflecting important quality categories like “new,” “used,” and “refurbished.” This enhances the customer’s shopping experience and facilitates choosing the ideal products.

In addition, can easily customize the complicated interaction logic of the shopping assistants using the Zoovu platform without any programming experience. This lessens the need for outside assistance, and keeps complete control of the development process. was able to successfully implement user-centered and application-based search experiences in a matter of weeks.

“E-commerce is at a pivotal moment where setting up an online store and handling transactions for businesses is now comparatively simple. But for consumers, it can be complex and getting harder to locate the correct solution to suit their unique needs”, says Tina Endres. “By incorporating Zoovu into our customer journey, we significantly increase the value we provide to our customers. We make it possible for them to have a quick and customized purchasing experience.”

Source: Businesswire