With its New OmniSDK, AdsPostX Advances Retail Media 2.0

With its New OmniSDK, AdsPostX Advances Retail Media 2.0

AdsPostX Unlocks More Value in Shopper Behavior Data With OmniSDK

OmniSDK, a tool to enhance retail media, was just released, according to an announcement from AdsPostX. By factoring in the most advantageous places to display relevant advertising and offers throughout the road to buy and beyond, OmniSDK enables businesses to efficiently exploit untapped behavioral and intent signals throughout all phases of a shopper’s journey.

The tools and simple integration provided by OmniSDK make it easier to convert consumer activity into useful and useful data for campaign effectiveness. For more appropriate actions and campaign optimization, the system gathers complex signals with rich insights. In order to bring incremental growth from the virtual front door through post-transaction, upper funnel technology is used. Based on the goods being browsed, the smart serving signals can suggest relevant product pairings for cross-promotion. For years, grocery merchants and CPG companies have effectively cross-merchandised products in physical locations. The OmniSDK enables shops to carry out the same tasks online in real time while making them more individualized.

“Many signals may be gathered from the shopping experience to identify and provide pertinent offers and advertisements at crucial times. By utilizing site location, dwell time on product pages, and many other sophisticated indications based on shopper behavior, this goes beyond simple keyword and cart history data and offers smart media placements.” According to Roj Niyogi, Chief Product Officer of AdsPostX, Marketing for retail, proximity, and IoT. “Our drop-in, small-footprint OmniSDK provides the ability to easily unlock relevancy factors that will mature retail media into a new era and provide true incremental growth opportunities for brands and retailers alike.”

Retailers may use the OmniSDK to gather important insights from online purchasing moments like pre-checkout, browsing habits, reviews, returns, and more throughout the whole shopper experience. Contact AdsPostX if you are a retailer interested in using the new OmniSDK to get additional value from your customer data.

A global retail media agreement between CitrusAd and AdsPostX was launched earlier this year, enabling merchants to offer pertinent adverts during a customer’s whole shopping experience. The OmniSDK is the most recent effort to acquire sophisticated signals and data to increase incremental sales across the consumer journey, elevating retail media.

Source: Businesswire