Metrigy MetriStar Top Provider Award Goes to Five9 for CCaaS Platform

Metrigy MetriStar Top Provider Award Goes to Five9 for CCaaS Platform

A prominent supplier of the intelligent CX Platform, Five9, Inc. (NASDAQ: FIVN), made the announcement today that it has won the Metrigy MetriStar Top Provider award for the Contact Center as a Service Platform (CCaaS).

The MetriStar award is based on quantitative measurements that link the utilization of a vendor’s goods and services to quantifiable company success as well as consumer reviews. The Top Provider award honors suppliers who have helped their clients experience high levels of business success and above-average customer satisfaction.

“MetriStar awards are challenging to win since CX and IT leaders have such high expectations. Business success is a quantifiable statistic that only occurs when products perform above par, and customers will only rate their suppliers highly if they go above and above,” according to Robin Gareiss, CEO & Principal Analyst of Metrigy. “Five9’s is ranked among the top CCaaS providers out of the 27 total. Given the complexity and expanding relevance of analytics among CX leaders, it is noteworthy that Five9’s analytics score is the highest of any CCaaS vendor for any category.”

Metrigy reviewed data and qualitative comments from 13 countries across North America, EMEA, and APAC, across order to find out what 1,695 IT and CX Leaders from enterprises enjoy and dislike the most about their suppliers. Data on a range of subjects, including CX technology adoption plans, current and anticipated spending, applications in use, and provider evaluations, were submitted by research participants. Rich feature sets and other important CCaaS metrics garnered above-average scores for Five9, which also received the top analytics rating for its emphasis on making data relevant for consumers. Five9 keeps adding features while putting an emphasis on giving agents the resources and information they need to provide flexible and personalized customer experiences.

A new service powered by OpenAI that quickly summaries customer conversation transcripts was introduced by Five9 earlier this year. It is called AI Summaries. This approach is a component of Five9’s plan to use expansive language models like GPT-3 to open up a new class of features and products.

Additionally, Five9 recently disclosed that each CCaaS deployment now includes its Workflow Automation product. Companies can easily aggregate data, act on customer data and context in real time, and start cross-platform processes with the aid of Five9 WFA. Additionally, it enables contact centers free up information that had been locked away, speed up decision-making, and automate CX while lowering burden and expense.

According to Five9 CMO Genefa Murphy, “The best CX results depend on equipping the staff with AI, real-time customer data, and business insights. We consider it an honor to get the Metristar Award since it confirms our dedication to assisting our customers in keeping their ‘CX Promise’ to their clients.”

Source: Businesswire